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Audiovisual translation

  • Scripts (including voiceover scripts)
  • Telops
  • Synopses
  • Film festival catalogues
  • Marketing material, press kits
  • Proposals
  • Treatments
  • Subtitling

  • English subtitle creation, using SST subtitling software or other formats as required
  • Spotting:
  • For films, TV shows (all genres), commercials, trailers, making-of videos, and corporate and educational videos

    Editing, rewriting, native checking

  • Polishing the text to make it sound natural in English, and appropriate to the work and the intended audience
  • Checking length of text against images to ensure it will fit when read by performers, narrators
  • Checking for translation accuracy (E-J, J-E)
  • Production English support services

  • Attending MAs and studio/location recording to supervise English language usage - pronunciation, intonation, and script revision as needed
  • Attending pre-recording script meetings to confirm and finalize script
  • English version directorial services (supervising creation of English version of Japanese programs)
  • General translation

  • Japanese to English translation of texts of all kinds
  • Legal editing services

  • Checking for accuracy, and use of appropriate legal language in Japanese to English translations of legal documents of any kind (I am a trained and experienced lawyer)